Paroles de la chanson Hoodie par Omarion

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Paroles de la chanson Hoodie par Omarion

(Man, I'm fresh as hell in this hoodie)
Let's get it, Omarion wit my hoodie on
Wit my hoodie on, wit my hoodie on

See the money, see the cars
See the house, livin' large
Look in the mirror, see a star
Motospace, hella far
They at the bottom, I'm on top
I'm so high, I can't drop

[ Omarion]
And you can find me in your city
Steezed out wit my hoodie
(I go, I go, I go so hard)

I got my 501 jeans on (wit my hoodie on)
All white V-Neck, clean (wit my hoodie on)
Fresh out the box, so boss (wit my hoodie on)
I drop my steez on (wit my hoodie on)
I'm gettin' money all day, everyday (wit my hoodie on)
Baby, lookin' good over there (wit those hoodie on)
Hustlers, gangstas, bustas, ridas
(The goin' out wit they hoodie on)

See the fade, bright lights
See my chick, see my ice
I hit the stage, I kill the mic
Get em' on the floor, we gettin' right

Nigga, I'm a vet, give it up
I get respect, Cali love

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

[Jay Rock]
I get money all day, everyday wit my hoodie on
Strong on the rap game, know I get my bully on
And I stay strapped boy, you know I keep my fully on
Hustle like I'm broke even though a nigga fully on
Aww, ya'll be doin' too much
This is 2010, we don't do button ups
This incredible fashion, this incredible fabric
Got my Levi's saggin', got my L Coat draggin'
Oww, comin' down on you hoes
Comin' down like I'm Hova, I had to rock on the stove
I smoke a rock when I roll!
You know that presidential, pass it to O
He like, "Oh no, I'm high off life my nigga"
I'm like, "Alright, my nigga, I guess that's more for me"
Chronic wit no seeds like no ovaries
You dig it? But if you don't, then who cares?
I got my hood on my arm and hoodie over my head

Man, I hope they don't think I'ma rob em' with this hoodie on
Yeah dog, I got stopped by the cops for wearin' a hoodie
Well, this 'BB The Jerk'
Yeah, Starworld, you already know
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