Paroles de la chanson C'est La Vie par Novelists

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Paroles de la chanson C'est La Vie par Novelists

[Matt Gelsomino]
I'm sick of spending all these days
Looking for some nepenthe
Like atelophobic and solivagant
How could I believe in magic
When we all feel so alone
And only try to survive for redamancy?

[Matt Gelsomino]
I'm pacing downtown everynight
And everyone's giving advice
But no one really seems to give a shit
So who's gonna...
...Who's gonna be my catharsis
And get me outside of my head
When I'm one breath away from drowning?

[Camille Contreras]
Guess I been wasting time as it's wasting me
Nicotine in the veins
A thousand wishes hanging on my lip tips
How could I believe in magic
When we are all so alone
And only try to survive all the things we feel?

[Matt Gelsomino]
Surfing on liberosis
Don't wanna know if I still bleed
Just wanna feel like dust in the winds
Let me drown in velleities
Don't wanna know if I still breathe
Just wanna feel the light on my face

[Matt Gelsomino]
No one will ever try to break the silence
When it's burning out my conscience
When it's running every inch of my mind

[Matt Gelsomino & Camille Contreras]
Here, even just to feel is complex
But I wanna try and dare
Take a moment to admire the world
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