Paroles de la chanson Rock Me At Home par Nils Lofgren

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Paroles de la chanson Rock Me At Home par Nils Lofgren

I sent the wife a postcard yesterday
Said everything's going just right
I ran down my sightseeing day
But I had to forget last night

The picture said I'd be home soon
Knowing I'd be happy, fogged in for life
And sure enough when I landed
It might as well have been a world title fight

She was screaming: "Rock me at home, rock me at home
Or leave it alone"

"Well I'm through pretending I'm your puppet
You'd crack if you felt this alone

Your life is one big tour of the world
Why don't you rock me at home."

"Rock me at home, or leave it alone"

She said: "Don't you dare deceive me
Stop coming home all rocket out
You better be starving for my love
I want you to make me squirm and shout"

Even if I'm plain dead tired
I can act as if I'd been alone
But it's hard to be alone
Sometimes it makes me want to
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