Paroles de la chanson Needed You Most par Nef The Pharaoh

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Paroles de la chanson Needed You Most par Nef The Pharaoh

My Sick Wid It piece dangling
They needed me most

Twuan told me drop more music
They ain't heard you in a minute, tell 'em how you doin'
Well I spend most of my free time over them seas
Who put Vallejo on the map? Fingers pointing at me
Traction, man, they fraction, I ain't panic yet
Niggas wanna be Nef, I call it petty theft
I still got hunger in my heart, I don't got Grammys yet
I walk around like a forgotten, all I see is death
Was born then, now I'm alive, bitch, I can beat the stress
You fell out with your ghostwriter, that's an easy F
They prayed on our downfall, now they believe in us
You would think a nigga next up 'cause all I see is up
And I'm tired of these magazine critics
If I am not the right one, I work my left pivot
Say my city can't be activated, well, Nef did it
Bought my son an iPhone just to FaceTime with him
And took my day one niggas across the state line with it
Kept faith, I made a way, I still pray I feel the spirit
I hate when rappers say they feel me, I am not in touch with 'em
I do not trust niggas, y'all are all fuck niggas
I'm one of the last artists that'll stop and take pictures
With the fans, and shake hands, they make who I am
Boy, your shit is trashcan, how the streets feel about it?
Shit was layin' on the ground and everybody walked around it
Diamonds got me drowning, give a shout out to my sound man
I sound so astounding, I live on a mountain
I'ma run for president, but right now, I counselor
I should've bought a Challenger, but I'ma need a challenge first
Every piece of jewelry on my neck, I got it out her purse
If it really was a Purge, niggas know who'd get it first
You happy with a lil' wing, I'm tryna get the big bird
Bet this new boy'll make one of you oldheads jerk

They needed me most
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