Paroles de la chanson Story Time par NE-YO

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Paroles de la chanson Story Time par NE-YO

Aiight boys and girls, gather 'round
Story time
Check this out

I said, "I wish you'd just give it a try
You've never done it, how you know what you don't like?"
She said, "Am I not enough for you, is that why?"
I said, "No, I just think it would be sexy and kinda fly"
She said, "Well I don't"
I said, "Well if I let you pick the girl, would that make a difference?"
She said, "That don't matter cause I just don't think I'm cool with a threesome"

What? Come on. Man you trippin'

I said, "You actin' funny and I don't even know why
(I don't know why)
Cause you can't tell me that you don't like girls, don't lie (girl don't lie)"
She said, "I can appreciate a pretty face, a nice backside (Oh word)
But just cause I might find a girl sexy, that does not make me bi"
I said, "Yes it does" (yup)
She said, "nigga you just wish I was"
I said, "Why you frontin'?
Just embrace who you really are
And you just might enjoy, a threesome"

You never know. Got to open up your mind. You only live once, know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Nah but for real though, you never thought about it? Never? Aiight

She said, "What if I said I want to bring in another guy?" What!?
I just gave her a look like "you done lost your damn mind" (you done lost your damn mind)
She said, "Oh, okay so another girl is fine
But when I mention another dude you're lookin' like you wanna punch me in the eye"
I said, "Don't tempt me" (oooooh)
She said, "You know that ain't fair"
I said, "I'm just playin'
But for real don't no dudes allowed
Only you, me and she in this threesome" (oooooooh)
She said, "Hold up, when did I agree to this threesome" (oooooooh)
I said, "Just now, and you can't take it back, let's have a threesome" (oooooooh)
She said, "Well I did think about my girl Stephanie before in a threesome" (oooooooh)
I said, "I got her number, I'll call her right now for this threesome"

She said, "Wait a minute. You got Stephanie's number? Nigga when'd you get Stephanie's number?"
I said, "Uhhh...."
The end
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