Paroles de la chanson I Don't Feel Beautiful par Miley Cyrus

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Paroles de la chanson I Don't Feel Beautiful par Miley Cyrus

There was a day, not so long ago
I didn't feel so beautiful
I felt quite ugly
If my fans ever saw me like this, I might just (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!)
Yeah yeah yeah
Do my fans even love me
Do my fans even care
Would my fans try to beat me up,
If I stare
I do all the things
I do all the things
My fans do
Like farting

And burping
I also pick my nose
I poop and I pee wherever it goes
My boyfriend dumped me
'Cause I passed stinky gas
In his face
He thought I was cute,
But then a little diharrea came (oops)
Yup I am a poopie girl and I'm not
My momma bought me diapers and said
"Miley, you're way too old for this"
I cried farting all the way
I have poop
It goes everywhere
And yet, I'm still a celebrity
When I performed on tour
With the Jonas Brothers

You don't know how embarassing it was
I had to wear 4 diapers on stage
The kind that have air freshener
When I farted they said
"Someone took a poop on this tour bus, but who"
I farted loud again
They said
"Miley can't fart, she's a girl"
I had silent but deadly farts
With a little turd too
"Something stinks"
They said
I ripped off the diapers
"Aaaah that feels good"
I said
Soon, they saw the diharrea
"Cool, diharrea girl"
They said

I am Beautiul,
I'm not Miley,
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