Paroles de la chanson Hate Them All par Miley Cyrus

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Paroles de la chanson Hate Them All par Miley Cyrus

Said I'd see them later.
Well I guess I lied.
Don't wanna see them ever.
Just gotta let them slide.
It feels kinda strange.
But I just can't handle.
All of this weird change.
Like a never ending strangle.
Seems like it was only.
The other day now.
But they won't leave me.
And I don't know how...

(Refrain :)
To get them away.
And that's all.

I like it my way.
Cos I hate them all.
Now that I know.
It's easy to fall.
But I need things slow.
Cos I hate them all.
I need more time.
So stop trying to call.
Up I need to climb.
Cos I hate them all.

I need to leave my home.
It's just too hard.
I'd rather be alone.
Stop sending a card.
I don't want you.
I don't need some love.
This whole things new.

And just too much.
I'd just have to say.
Oh now it's over.
So just go away.
Call me when I'm sober.


I wouldn't.
They couldn't.
We shouldn't.
No we shouldn't.
Oh don't fall.
Oh don't call.
Hate them all.
Yeah I hate them all!


Don't want to fall.
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