Paroles de la chanson Tally-ho par Micky Green

Auteurs: Micky Green

Compositeurs: Micky Green

Editeurs: Universal Music Publishing

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Paroles de la chanson Tally-ho par Micky Green

Tally ho,
Hair in my face and sweet crickets below
My feet making their own type of noise

Afternoon breeze
Sun up still high
Watching all the little insects
Passing me by

Where did you go
Did i really roll you all

Gotta clear up this time
Leave my sweet tally-ho behind
Keeping fit is part of it but sometimes
Its so hard for me

Gotta lay it down
Got to come around


Keeping to myself
But not too closed
Keeping to myself
What i don't want to unload

I don't feel obligated
To feel appreciated
Better at home
Where i don't feel lonely

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