Paroles de la chanson Remember par Micky Green

Auteurs: Gehrmann

Compositeurs: Gehrmann

Editeurs: Universal Music Publishing

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Paroles de la chanson Remember par Micky Green

Halfway there but not just yet.
Not even close to where we want to get.
Slam the car door before the tears fall.
I won’t let you see what this really does to me…

Remember. All along.
Who you are. Where you’re from…

I have my doubts and thats a fact.
You come here and then you go back.
I’d just like to know where I stand with you.
Sweet words don’t ring true if you don’t follow through…

So you’re going again.
Cause its time to go home.
Just like every night.
I’ m gonna sleep here alone


What did I do to get myself so sensitive ?
How did it get to be so very complexative ?
Wrap myself up in cellophane
To protect me from the pain…

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