Paroles de la chanson Super Gremlin par Meek Mill

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Paroles de la chanson Super Gremlin par Meek Mill

You actin' like a lil' bitch right now, nigga
Fuck that, I ain't lettin' that's hit ride
We gon' go and smoke all these motherfuckers
I don't care who the fuck out there
Goddamn it, is you down, nigga?
Man, both of y'all shut the fuck up
Well, we could be superstars (We could've been superstars but niggas be playin' slime)
We been rather wreckin' cars (Ayy bro, is that Jambo?)
Man, we play for keeps
What is at stakes for us? (Grind, thirst, hunger)
Kickin' off power mirrors
Say you my nigga, you say you my hitter, but I don't remember you deep in the trenches (Yeah, we could be superstars)
I'm swingin' them switches at you and your niggas
If you ever wonder why I'm bein' distant
Know why I'm slidin', I ain't even wildin', no one here survivin' this life that we livin'
If we really rockin', then why you feel comfortable talkin' 'round opps about my business?

Yeah, I'm in that zone
Done got the ride, I check out the Track' and they can't even follow me home (Skrrt)
I'm really from Philly, I know all the killers, I call 'em, then I'ma be wrong
My youngin a soldier, they gave him a twenty
I told him he gotta be strong
I sent him some pictures, whenever he get 'em, I know that he probably alone
He wrote me, he told me that he livin' through me
I said, "Broski, you ???" (Yo, bro)
It's crazy, I ain't even writin' 'cause I wanna tell him what I'm really on
Slidin', eighty rounds, Glocks, see my kids, I gotta get home
I seen lames turn superstars
And that 'Gram cut off, and ya mans cut off
'Cause you went too hard, and yeah, I went too hard
He back broke, he tryna hitch ya yard
You a type nigga try to get ya dawg headshot, don't even tell 'em what ya charge
Red dot, I ain't really tryna miss at all
This love won't really take risks at all
Nah, I was in back of the 'Bach when I put up the track with the gremlins
We done got hold of the money and move like the Russians at the Kremlin
AMG go sixty-three, G-Wagon, hear the engine (Vroom)
YG Air Force fifty, bendin' corners, scrapin' fenders
Somebody tell me who fuckin' with me
And don't bring up no bitches that's fuckin' with me
No competition when niggas are with me
Don't bring up no niggas that's fuckin' with me
If you a hater, don't try to persuade me 'bout none of them niggas that's fuckin' with me
And don't speak on niggas, got money with me
All the niggas that's thuggin' with me
You don't fuck with my day ones? Fuck you, nigga
It could be what you want it to be
Got big bank, yeah, I'll crush you, nigga
That lil' money ain't nothin' to me
I ain't chasin' no ho, they be runnin' to me
I ain't payin' no hoes, they be comin' to me
If I keep it a thousand, I'll be in the islands
You run in my hitters before you could run into me

Yeah, we could've been superstars (I don't trust him)
If he spin again, better shoot his car (Better dust him)
Now, it's not safe for you (Why?)
My youngin put a switch on this Glick

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