Paroles de la chanson Needle to the Groove par Mantronix

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Paroles de la chanson Needle to the Groove par Mantronix

[MC Tee]
Party people in the place to be
This is Mantronix with MC Tee
Devoted, promoted, we’re the brothers who wrote it
Giving you a second tape so we made you record it

Needle to the groove
We got the needle to the groove
We got the beat that’ll make you move
(With the grand DJ, the swift on sway)
We got the rhymes that’ll help the groove

[MC Tee]
Now he’s the best MC, the T-twice-E
Well, that’s me, T-Ski, never coppin’ a plea
Always willing, high sea in society
KuMa the two-to-one ruler, does stay cooler
Use it on the dudes that play the fool’a
Most are obvious, our motive is to do what’s right
And now the party people is to rock the mic
As into rock the place, and go for ace
You see the shocker unexpected like a can of mace
I say the play, play the role, yeah, to have control
‘Cause he get, get to go, you have to pay that toll
Like sweat with sex, or time with crime
Like the one to ten racer of a mastermind
But dedicated to rhyme, sweet, tender and kind
And when it comes to making music I could never be blind
‘Cause I’m the true prince rocker, won’t dare stop’a
Guaranteed warranty they’ll make your body rock shocker
All night, that’s right, like a whiff from a pipe
Make you do the ill shit to the broad daylight
I make you take a quick freeze, walk in the breeze
Think you’re Mr. Bojangles while you dance on your knees

Needle to the groove
(The N-double-E-and the-D-L-E)
We got the needle to the groove
(The G-the-R-double-O-V-E)
We got the beat that’ll make you move
(Without even a decision, he’s a musical musician)
We got the rhymes that’ll help the groove

[MC Tee]
For MC’s, I’m retirin’; for the ladies, I’m relyin’
To create, demonstrate, love is better than hate
To propose on all those who don’t have faith
That if you just participate, you will accelerate
Vibrate with a mate on a date I can say
Like the skies are blue, we’re here for you
Much better than ever with a sweet review
Of our style, made to rise, very sure to tantalize
No disguise, just when I wanna, wanna to surprise
For you, and you know it, move your body and show it
Let me see it while you’re free, it’s the time to expose it
With the rhythm that’s provided, psychologically guided
To release intense heat from your body, can’t hide it
You don’t fight it, this superior sonic delighted
Just get up on the floor and try it
With the heat from your body ignited
Like a flame, you won’t feel the same
It’s like an everlasting torch that burns in the rain
‘Cause like the force of a comet, there’s no way you can stop it
We’re the crew of ’85 that’s called Mantronix

We’ve got two turntables and a microphone
Now here’s our name that we’re proud to own
One’s Mantronik, the other one’s Tee
We’re here to rock the house and bring defeat to agony
Like a broken collarbone, a knee dislocated
We came a long way, we’re never outdated
Beating for a while, these cats are at surrender
When you think of number one, you’ll think of us first
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