Paroles de la chanson Wounded par Little Big Town

Compositeurs: Wayne Kirkpatrick,Phillip Sweet,Karen Fairchild,James Lee Westbrook,Kimberly B. Roads

Editeurs: Warner Chappell Music France,Wb Music Corp.,Warner/Tamerlane Publishing Corp,Sell The Cow Music,Tower One Music,Tower Ii Division

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Paroles de la chanson Wounded par Little Big Town

You Plowed Over Me Like A Tractor
You Used Me Up And Put Me Out To Pasture
I'm Left To Eat Your Dust
Guess You're Thinkin' That We Must Be Done
You Said You Got My Back Every Minute
Well You Do
You've Got It There To Put Your Dagger In It
And Knowing What I Need
Still You Stood And Watched Me Bleed

Wounded, I'm Wounded
I'm Battered And Bruised
Wounded, I'm Wounded
All Tore Up Inside Over You
Wonderin' Why You Do Me Like You Do

I Feel Betrayed And So Manipulated
I Call A Spade A Spade, You Call Me Jaded
Well, What Do You Expect
You Give Me No Respect


And This Monkey On My Back
Has Stopped Me In My Tracks

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