Paroles de la chanson Ta Da par Lil' Mo

Paroles de Lashawn ameen DANIELS, Marc JORDAN, Schapell CRAWFORD

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Paroles de la chanson Ta Da par Lil' Mo

Ta da trying to make you disappear make ya pack you r bags
Get the hell out of her Ding-dong the sound I'm waiting for
Your taxi's outside Vroom! Won't you please disappear?
Make yourself invisible but leave the car here the pieces say my name
So the business gotta stay why you stuttering and trying to explain?
Had it up to here I made the choice today see one of us will be leaving
You say you didn't go out I know that was a lie
The neighbors said they saw you last night driving by
What's up with this girl? Some supermarket clerk is visiting our house

Each day when I'm at work I just can't believe you had the nerve
There'll be no more
No more kisses we won't make it up
I'm tired of your shit I've had enough if I had three wishes
You'd see me close my eyes real tight I'd concentrate Like 1-2-3
See on of us had got to go it's going to be you cause it's my condo
The two of us can't be up in here so one of us is gonna make it clear
There's no laying 'round, no free rides
No playing round around, that's a rule of rule of mine
But you were cheating 'round trying to ride for free if
If it worked, I'd Dream of Genie I'd blink your ass away from me dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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