Paroles de la chanson Gangsters par Kaytranada

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Paroles de la chanson Gangsters par Kaytranada

Everbody's a gangster but ain't realize the truth

Only G is the government tell me who are u

Even the mobb pays tax 2 the mayor

So we got laws 2 protect they investment

Can't be extradited under Harpers protection

Rizzuto came home so gangsta's gon test him

Bagz died, blood tryna teach hell a lesson

Every weapon, used is precise

Usin ya life as a tool or device

Mentally weak so u gather the sheep

Im thinkin its neat that u runnin the streets

They thinkin u sleep while they robbin the meek

Extortion is deep no offence when I speak

But the pope's iced out still askin 4 peace

Please donate 2 feed

3rd world countries down on they knees

Earthquake in Haiti brought famine & greed

1st freed but strivin 2 eat?

Found gold in the mountains still poor in the streets

Man made lies 2 divide the blind

Look inside 2 find the 1 thats sublime

1 means all thus 4ever eternal

We share the same energy

Dont matter who birthed you

Lets take it back 2 the earth duke

Ashes & dust, the last 2 destruct

Lost the path to the lust

Desire for more, in cash we trust

If money ain't real, hows the world in debt

If we pulled cash out the banks, tell me whats next?

With all respect

You can call me gangster

Cuz I dont fear no gangster

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