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Paroles de la chanson 1488 par JPEGMAFIA

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Oh you ain't got your flag now
Nigga what
No badge no gun you is not tuff
Got the Benilli M4 with the big nuts
Toucan Sam whip it like big bruh
Pay homage
You are not a guest
You're a hostage
Rap game thirsty
Piss same color as Logic
White boys act tough
I don't give no fucks
Heard he acting like Dex
Beat his ass till he Russ

Keep it on the hush
I heard that yo momma, sister, auntie, getting touched
Gat in my lap
Catch me surfin stormfront

I put the Judge in seat
I send that bitch to the bing
I heard she pray to allah
Nah bitch you praying to me
I do this shit for Kalief
These coppers begging for war
You niggas marching for peace
I make they family weep
Kill em or give em the beats
We point the gun at your seed

And I’m riding in that Bentley coupe bitch
Fuck a Trump and a fucking coon Bitch yea
This is not for no interviews bitch
Or the evening news bitch

[Beat Switch / Outro]
Fucking dry
I'm out of weed
I'm irritable
Fuck all my bands
Fuck all my friends
I got the weed
I got the stems
Fuck you I'm paid
Baby I'm ___

I got these (Bills!)
I got these (Bills!)
I got these bills!!

[Brad Paisley]
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