Paroles de la chanson Dulli par HU$H

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Paroles de la chanson Dulli par HU$H

She's a bitch with the drip like a faucet
Imma go toss it
Imma come back with a lip straight saucin
Pussy like toxic, commin out coughin
And do ya need some help to fuck ya self this often
I'll be the help that stuffs you with a monsta
Im gonna breath the hell that cums and fuckin haunts ya
N tell the truth until it all evolves ya
N naw fuck that, hit it like abstract
Imma come n get it in an echo like a slapback
Verb in a hatchback, short like a ass clap
Sittin on my lap like I'm living in a asspack
Crash like nasdaq, watch what the whale has
Never had a reason to be livin life half ass
That gas, got me on the fast track
Everybody listening we all go get a fat bag

To the sky I see the moon
Into my eyes stars all shine
So beautiful I see the moon and touch

The way im livin it ain't making the cut
Straight shot, to the moon, but im fuckin with luck
Wake up from this dream, it ain't givin a fuck
No love for the art till its showin you up
A few things that it brings when you thinkin you suck
Some more shots to the dome and I'm doin it drunk
I can't live like this no ones given a fuck
I work so damn hard and I live in my trunk
Livin it all n I'm givin it like Picasso
Sieve n a gall n I'm pissin it all its not so
Forgiving at all, the pussy it's like a thot tho
Cut in my ears, I'm hearin it all, it got so dull
I got so full
I ate like a king n then I got so cold
I got so bold
It got so old
I came in with love n now I got no soul

Reality versus appearances
So much red tape
I need a med break
Cuz I feel like I'm drowning in clearances
Without interference
Unenthusiastic, losing passion:
Salaries, curses, coherences
(escape was narrow)
I'm moving past it, path infused with hazards
I am a pharaoh
I was found in a pyramid
Storms and scourges harrow the earth from all ends of it
False viral vain vanity valts in to verify where the mirror is
I confess that I'm obsessed with my reflection
Thats a quid pro quo of my profession
But this whole show's a deception
So a kid won't grow without protection
From hypocrites
I was staring in a sea of stars that were limitless
Who's the exception to imperfection?
I was challenging fate and the quill it was written with
Nothing less than the best
It was destined
Although she was dressed in her best disguise
I was mesmerized
Possessed then my demons were exorcized
Now I can testify and answer questions that best describe
How I was promised fame and fortune but it came with disrespected pride
And lame endorsements
A direct supply of drugs, sex and lies
And the perception that it was a blessin' dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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