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Paroles de la chanson Future Bounce par Goldlink

Swaggin' overloading
Bitch I'm rolling, bitch I'm rolling
Yea your body, that's my party
Bitch, I'm rocking everyday
Every way I want you here, I want you there, you want me
And my squad click, bitch, big dick, split your clit
Pop a model, that's my bitch I never cuff, she love that shit
Baby, don't you lie, don't tell your man
Aye tell your man that he a bitch
You the one, fuck with Cripz
I'm an East side nigga, East side in this bitch
Throw my dub up, bust a bitch and break a bank, then break a band

Break your neck, then bust a clip
Ain't no lie, I bust it like the man
Need to chill, pop another pill
Now I Feel the thrill, I'm the boss face of the franchise in this bitch
Middle fingers to them hoes
Wish we were alone, bitch
I'ma put it on ya, we can have a party
Maybe we can dance and do our thing up in my bed room
Dance flow, anything I want I need you to explore

We be rockin', we be rollin'
We rocking we rolling, the bitches be on me
Who got the keys to the Bemer?
I'm rolling 20 deep, I got the burner and the cleaner
One stop shop, bitch nigga I'm your leader

I never love a bitch, never tell her I need her
Hold up nigga, I don't even need a deal
I use these two fingers just to make that pussy squeal
GoldLink, God motherfuck my opponents
I've never had a party, and my ass always sober
And since I moved to VA, you can call it super nova
I smacked your little ass, I want to see you bend it over
Take you to the streets, don't need nobody, I'ma hit ya
Fuck a mask nigga, catch a charge, and take a picture

Put you on, put you on, put you on
I never fuck a bitch like this, and then I fuck another

Put you on, put you on, put you on
I never fuck a bitch like this, and then I fuck another
You never find a nigga like me, put that on my mother
Snake ass, fake ass, niggas I don't trust them
We just say forget them, fuck them, leave them, find another
I'm a motherfucker, she ain't Stacy
I'ma bust them
Bitch boost nigga, boost nigga, this ain't mobile
I'm boosted up bitch, juiced up motherfucker
I tell it like it is, what it be, and who I be
That cocky motherfucker who is coming out that V
I never use my tongue, and she don't ever use her teeth
I love it when she ask me "Baby, Daddy is it me?"
I'ma tell you niggas who I be

I love it when she tell me, "Baby Daddy is it me?"

Drop low, this the type of shit that get you thrown
Club bang, Club bang, smoke a lot of dro
Squad click, tripple A if you need some help
Where he at, who is that, Gold is back in town
With the hottest, stick to writing shit
It was hard as hell
Ain't I perfect, ain't I special, it ain't hard to tell
Slow bounce, bounce that ass, bounce that ass and pop it
GoldLink, drop the chain with a fucking [?Campit?]
No, VA dick rider, they should have a team
But VA went I lay my head so it just seldom tings

I don't give no fucks
I just put it up, just bust your luck
See, I'm the reason why the streets are so fucked up
Gang bang, gang go, grills with the gang bang(x4)
Squads club your area
Squads club they scarier
Scarier than fuck bitches running from malaria
Who cares what I say
I be rocking anyways
Rock the fade, then I rock the waves, 'bout to rock your braids
Fix your fucking face, cuz I'm a killer, check my palm pilot
Oh God, why I say it, now they want it
I'm a spray it, we just cock it, lay it, keep it silent
While I'm wildin', while in while I stick the lion

Oh my God, I'm chanting so I
[We bang, and we in the club]
Bang, bang, nigga, bang, bang
I'm rocking, and holding the chain
Your bitches be hollering my name
Who me?
Yea my nigga I'm paid
Pouring up, sip the juice, bust down, pick or lose
I'm the king, fuck the crown
Where he at, look at me now
Oh you mad? My bad bitch
Gained a couple of pounds, bitch
Yea, I don't got time for you, cuz my time is short, no time to lose
I'm GoldLink, leap'd up popping
Ain't no nigga, ain't no nigga can stop me
I'm so real, I'm so sick

I'ma pop pills, now that's sick

We just getting thrown, getting thrown
Getting thrown, getting thrown
We just want some more, want some more
Want some, want some more(x4) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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