Paroles de la chanson What Makes It Good To You par Gerald Levert

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Paroles de la chanson What Makes It Good To You par Gerald Levert

heaven knows how i longed for this
ever since we kissed
anticipation is killing me
cause i wanna be your favorite fantasy
won't you talk to me, tell me, where your spot is baby
where ya sensitive
and i want to concentrate, concentrate
on all those things

what makes it good to you
i wanna know
i wont be happy til you
scream no more, say it's yours, no premature nothing
what makes it good to you

And i cant belive
it's about to go down
and i am too
from your head
down down down
until you tell me when to stop (wooo)
cause these lips can't resist kissing you
and your tender body
ooh i don't mind
you gotten me through (you gotten me through)
girl won't you tell me what makes it good


see i don't wanna get there
before you do
let's put our selves together baby
and now we're gonna cruise
would'nt that be sweet (would'nt that be sweet)
if we came together
every thing was right
from the very first night
said wouldnt that be clever wouldnt that be wouldnt that be
what makes it good to you?

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