Paroles de la chanson Bad English par François Pérusse

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Paroles de la chanson Bad English par François Pérusse

This morning, I answered to the phone
And it was my manager…
He said listen to me:
Your song is not gonna play on the radio
Because your english is not really fluid, you know!

'Said it's not enough…
To have a beautiful body!
And that job is not like selling hamberzzjrrszzz… tabarnac…
(Non,non, c'est beau, on va le garder…)

So I said "Go to the refrigerator, n'take a zucchini, bend over
And put it right in your ass!!"

Don't you think I know my english's so bad?
My english is not good…
Baby I'm so sad!
Don't you hear me… I know my english's so bad!!!
I have an accent… And I feel like crap, oh no…

So I went in my garage… Got in my car
And I "drived", talking with my blueteeth… (Bluetooth, Linda!!)
My boyfriend told me "Don't cry! Come to my house…
Don't worry, we'll talk about this together!"

So I knocked at his door… And when he opened…
He said "Why do you want absolutely sing in english?"
I said "Babe, did you forget I'm a professional singer?
And if I don't sing in english, I'll keep eating macaroni!"

But… I know my english's so bad!
My english is not good…No!
Baby I'm so sad!
I tell you, I know my english's so bad!

This is no bullshit…
I'll never live in a castle, no!
My english's too bad…
I'll never have a Lamborghini…
My english's too bad!
And not even a Cadillac!!

My english's so bad, my english's so bad…
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