Paroles de la chanson Going-to-the-Sun Road par Fleet Foxes

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Paroles de la chanson Going-to-the-Sun Road par Fleet Foxes

[Robin Pecknold]
Due west at a blind day’s end, flying pavement underfoot
Some horizon eyeing me up, often does right at dusk
Often known it wore that look

[Robin Pecknold]
And I’ve known it one too many times
And the thought of flight for water whiter
Now those passing dotted lines
Going on and on just shake my sleep all night
Could be I’m finally losing my fight

[Robin Pecknold]
Due south all the fog aired out, no idea where all this leads
Though I still wanted to show Going-to-the-Sun Road to you
Still got one in me

[Robin Pecknold]
If I want to, I’ll arrive at peace
I know I decide what I remember
If this ever mended me
All the on and on
Just shakes my sleep all night
Now I’m losing my fight

[ Tim Bernardes]
A estrada do sol
O começo de tudo
E as nuvens que agora se afastam
Mostrando um caminho que está sempre lá

E que é qualquer lado que a gente quiser caminhar dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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