Paroles de la chanson Hoes Mad par Famous Dex

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Paroles de la chanson Hoes Mad par Famous Dex

Hoes Mad (x24)

Hoes mad, hoes mad, I pull up in that old Jag
Hoe fast, I got these bitches staring, comparing
If that's your girl, not sharing, that's past tense
I be flexing, I say "baby why you hating and you wanna drink my liquor?"
But I ain't even tripping, Irv, please pass me a swisher
Smoking dope till I get hiccups, I think I need a pick up
So wanna pick me up, cause these pills got me real high up
But these hoes mad, hoes mad, I think I fucked her best friend
Her cousin, I got these bitches staring
They fighting, they texting me some weird shit
Oh man, hoes mad

Hoes Mad x24

Oh man, Oh man, I'm busting hard let me call Flash
Pull up fast, 2 bitches tried to set me up, almost blast
15 up in that pocket rocket, bitch think fast
I can't go, yes I gotta keep it on me
Bitch I'm going out like Tony
I heard these bitches sneaky, tried to get me by my lonely
I'm a duh bitch, not a dummy
I'm all about some money, and where the fuck the liquor?
Drinking Henny till I'm scummy
Whole time, whole time, I'm flexing hard like Busta Rhymes
You worth a dime, I'm all about my Peso, yayo
Need all mine, yo bitch she on my other line
Press decline, hoes mad

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