Paroles de la chanson Poppin par Dax

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Paroles de la chanson Poppin par Dax

Y'all know what time it is

Killin' this beat off the top of my head
Ima cut it and freestyle it just like my dreads
Dax is a topic when it comes to popping they mention my name inside all of yo threads
We never met but I’m showing respect if we did I would bet we would probably be friends
I don’t know if this song is a hit but if
Dax did a verse it would do 20 milli instead
This shit is child’s play, rock the beat before I kill it and tuck it in bed
I’m the front with the gang to my
Left and my right got a couple of side men
They cannot erase my pen
I do not break I bend
I got a L if they call me L when I put them together I win
We don’t got beef if I’m vegan
I go church when I pray on these beats swear to god man it feels like I’m preaching
They call me janitor that means that I can’t be trash because I’m the one cleaning
Stacking my paper this verse is my thesis
This is a resurrection of beat that I killed I think should rename is to Jesus
I need a millimeter from minimeter to conserve my drip
I got fire department on call I jus burnt this bitch
I’m bringing to much experience
I heard that you was Nigerian
This me calling a trues
Life is to short to be serious
So let me take the beat and make it a typhoon
No speed limit when I rhyme I ZOOM
I heard you got a album out soon
I'ma rap god when I rap boi we all know that shit isn’t fair
I could put a beat in a suplex stand up then scream out WOOOOOO like Ric flair
Feeling like Willow when I WHIP my HAIR
I’m like a ghost I’m here but not there
This here is a toast I don’t mean to boast but I think we both know this is my year
Throw the pass to me I don’t miss you can be my John Stockton
We’ll play patty cake and everyone will think that we’re boxing then hit Logan and have tea and do a show on impaulsive
And play Pokémon to show these kids that we’ve been evolving
He say, she say drill it like UK
I was made inside of a factory like cheesecake
Please say I may KSI they know that I will not win cuz you don’t like me
I flow like A guy who’s mind may be stuck in a computer without life aid
They can’t buy me
Own or sign me
I bring heat but my wrist stay icy
Hot hot hot just like the Dababy when I rap Im bringing the bop bop bop bop
I don’t feel gravity my skill level never drops
I don't got time less I’m using a watch
Y’all probably thought that because I love janitor references I was gonna take the next bar and figure out how I could rhyme it with mop, stop, drop, roll
If your walking down the road and you see someone
Coughing cuz nowadays Coronavirus has fearing a silly common little cold I am not human I’m not from the globe
That is why I am never wearing clothes
Please do not try say this is a diss because Its delivered in a serious tone!

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