Paroles de la chanson Dear Black Santa par Dax

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Paroles de la chanson Dear Black Santa par Dax

H-H-Hey Santa, it's, it's Dax again (Hi)
Just checking if you got my list (Oh)

Dear Mr. Santa (Hello)
My name is Dax and I've been a good kid
I made a list of the shit that I wanted this year
Did you read it? I'm hoping you did (You did)
I put my country, my state, my street, my chimney
Just so you know where I live (Google maps)
Stop watching porn, gave to the homeless (So like, damn dude)
Don't be a bitch!

Yeah I want a Cadillac color matte black (Skrr)
Yeah I want a thick bitch with a fat ass (Hm)
Yeah I want a crib to crash with a pool and a court and a golf course all in the back (Yah)
Yeah I want Gucci, Prada coupled with a million dollars
Instagram a million followers take out food from Benihana's (Please)
I need a follow back from Lele Pons (Where you at?)
I need a Drake feature on a song (Go on then)
I could probably do this shit myself and all
But I ain't really tryna wait that long (Facts)
So Santa this is my list and I'm confident in you that you will complete it (I know you will)
Me and your daughter are friends and if I don't get all of my shit ima Mike Jackson beat it

[Black Santa]
Dear Mr. Dax
I took the time to go over your list
And unfortunately I'm sorry to say
You have been a bad kid (Very naughty)
I can get some shit but not all those God damn gifts (Sorry)
And as for my daughter young man
There ain't no way your fuckin' that bitch

Man, fuck you Santa
I don't even want your gifts
I don't even want that car
I don't even want that bitch
I don't even want that shit
Now I want Mrs. Clause
Want her sayin' ho ho ho ho
While she's on my pole pole pole pole
Keep my wrist froze froze froze froze
When I play games with Rudolph

Yeah yeah yeah I'm crazy Santa
Gave her the dick, banana
Came through with the heat, the jammers
Butt cheeks through the sheets, pajamas
So what does that mean?
I think it means that I win either way
I'll leave you cookies and milk and a note on the table
And here is what that shit's gonna say:
Make sure you clean the motherfuckin' chimney (I want it spotless)
Make sure you turn off the lights when you done
(Got bills to pay dude)
Make sure you leave me a tip on the table (That's right for me)
Don't eat two cookies your fat ass gets one

Don't forget to leave shit in my stocking yeah you know where it's at
Milk chocolate, some henny and condoms with that
Xanax, weed to sell in the trap
Don't lie Santa, boy I know that you're black
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen
Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen
Talk shit they all go missin'
Santa nigga it's Merry Christmas
(Merry Christmas)
(I got all the loot)
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)

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