Paroles de la chanson Obsession par Cold War Kids

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Paroles de la chanson Obsession par Cold War Kids

Move at the speed of sound you can't go back again
So buy another round
You're going to miss that final train
When lightning strikes
Who wants to stay inside
Promises you made
You know that they're all gonna break

Your family will never understand
They only care about you gotta ?
You're sick of being nice
It's not a sacrifice
To run away, decide
You wanna live that artist life

The way you glow
Will fade, I know
I'm better off without

You won't get bored with me
I won't get bored with you
If you get bored with me then
I'll be bored too
Don't want to patronise
Don't want to cheat myself
Don't want to wear ?
I'm hurting someone else

I'm waiting for the answer to
Still I don't know when you lie
I'm hanging on
I'm staying true
'Cause all I'm feeling is you
Don't ever leave me now

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