Paroles de la chanson Twerk A Little par Bubba Sparxxx

Musique de Timothy z. MOSLEY

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Paroles de la chanson Twerk A Little par Bubba Sparxxx

Feel Me

Uhh! .. Uhh!
C'mon, C'mon, Ah C'mon, Ah C'mon

Catch Me On A, Backroad, Or Cookin In Your Momma's House
In Your Daughter's Guts, Or Just Spazzin Out
Me And Bubba Know What The Hell We Talkin 'Bout
Pickin Up Betty's Like They Was Beans And Brussel Sprouts
We Got The Clout To Make You Bounce A Little
We Got The Clout To Make You Down This Pickle, Until You Gettin Tickled
C'mon Bubba Let's Surround This Biddle
While You Work The Back Bit Timbaland Work The Middle
Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh! I See Ya See Ya Smile
Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh! Down Comes Your Blouse
Timb' Been Around 'Em All
From White To Black, Even Magnoli-All
To Hit 'Em In Project Halls
In Back Of The Streets Maybe Right In Front Of Y'all (Ha Ha Ha)
Timb' And Bubba Is A Problem Y'all
It's Like Hip-Hop, Meets Effin Tim Mcgraw
We Two Fools And Don't Take No Mess
Bitch Lumber Logs Just To Work The Chest
He's Country Finest, I'm Country Best
Puttin Lights Out Train, Just Get In That Dress, Now C'mon

[Chorus 2x: Timbaland]
Twerk A Little, Twerk A Little, Let Me See You Drop It
Work The Middle, Work The Middle, Let Me See You Pop It
Go On! Witcha Bad Self
C'mon! Witcha Bad Self

[Bubba Sparxxx]
I Brought Enough With Me To Start This Bitch A College Fund
Fitted Boy And Polo, And She Ain't Even Got A Son
Timmy Kind Of Shy, Told Me To Tell You Drop It Some
Here Betty, Take This Grand, Get Your Monthly Shoppin Done
You Can Shake For Dem But Bet That You Don't Profit None
I Got A Coochie Fart Fetish, Baby Pop Me One
While You By The Bar I Grab Your Boy A Shot Of Rum
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