Paroles de la chanson Da Introduction par Bone Thugs N Harmony

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Paroles de la chanson Da Introduction par Bone Thugs N Harmony

[DJ U-Neek]
Welcome to the dark side......

{*playing in reverse throughout Bizzy's intro*}
It's the Thuggish Ruggish Bone..

[Bizzy Bone]
Gotta give it on up to the Glock Glock
Pop pop, better drop when them buckshot blow
The bone in me never no ho
So no creepin up outta the ziplock
So sin, sip gin, and lil' mo heart run up, nut up
And flipped in, than slipped the clip in
Mistakin' the bloody victims
Ever if ya test nuts, to the chest and ... {*fades away*}

[DJ U-Neek]
Buck buck buck blow
Ha ha ha hah ha ha ha haa
Right back at your motherfucking ass
Comes those real true thugs
Straight out the double Glock
Puttin' it down for the motherfuckin' land
Taking no shorts no losses
Puttin' it on you jealous bitch made playa hating-ass niggas
You betta tell 'em what's real bitch
Takin' ova the shit in the '9-5
I bring to you the one and only...
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Nigga this St. Claire... {*echoes*}

[Layzie Bone]
Yeah, nigga

Execution double nine style
Steadily sendin' them bodies underground

[Bizzy Bone]
It'll be all about that llelo bank roll
Betta make that money man, dead wrong
Put it on the low betta beat them hoes
Gotta get them demons off me creepin' up softly seepin' up through my soul
And sleepin' ain't good to go now when I'm wll rollin' off those
'N betta watch the do' bet I won't be slippin' sleepin'
None ah them thugs I bails wid
Put ah trail ah twelve guage shells
Bloody be smell 1-8-7 and the 2-11
12-guage and the AK-47 spray
Let the Ripster kill 'em now
Put 'em off in the grave daily
When the slugs start crawl up in ya
Well I roll wid realer niggas
Pop pop drop to the sound and to ground
Lit 'em up to kill ya

[Krayzie Bone]
Them St. Claire thugs we love
When they pumpin' them slugs now what
See them duck from the scum
When I dug them enemies deep in the muddy drug
Don't run wid them
Choose snooze you lose
And left in the alley fa fucked up
What's up wid them shoes ooh they knew
So we runnin' off with my dog's Chucks
Bust ah left at the block and what'da ya know
All ah the po-po they follow
Coppah gotta see the nigga layin' behind us still
But nigga remember my motto
No surrender, gotta get away hit the fence wid the quickness
Hit the other side and I swing to the right
Running through the gutta hit '95
Peel, bending for safety we make it and chill
Gotta make ah mil but ah nine kick off for real
Nigga drop that bill or I pop my steel
Ain't no competition don't fuck wid my clik
And so listen you bitches stay trippin' it's okay
When we stickin' and lickin' them pockets
So droppa that dolla man glocka holla bang
Thuggin' wid ah thug nigga smoking blunts
Nigga don't stiff on no weed smoke it off
Cause nigga you know when the pockets get ride
I'mma run and get ah sack and come choke wid ch'all

[Layzie Bone]
Now you fuckin' wid these thuggish killas
Creepin' up outta the land and they ready to ride
Gettin' high of thai
My niggs in the land got Glocks fa days on the 9-9
Betta kill 'em all dog
Bed make as they fall wid the 12-guage you bustin' on niggas
So what now, come nigga get buck pow
And not only that get shut ta fuck down
And I'm talkin' bout niggas that wanna contend wid the thugstas
Some nigga done fucked up
Neva no playa hataz in the clik touch loud and we neva no bustaz
Neva catch ah nigga sleep
Hear the buck shots rain where the thugs in Cleveland dwell
Daily collectin' me mail
And I meet you in hell if all else fails
Oh well

Execution double nine style
Steadily sendin' them bodies underground
Execution double nine style
Steadily sendin' them bodies underground
Execution double nine style
Steadily sendin' them bodies underground dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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