Paroles de la chanson Harvester of Souls par Blind Guardian

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Paroles de la chanson Harvester of Souls par Blind Guardian

The queen

I'm wondering who you are
I've been a blind man
Though I have come too far
To fail again

Yes, I believed I was more
I could heal her
Here in the dark
All her words turned clearer
Now as my time passes by
What would you do for me?

I'm the last
But soon I won't be

There's nowhere else to roam
I lived so many lives
It's over again

Why am I still here?
It's you, oh, my fallen friend
Nothing can save me
I'm lost in his tower
Unlimited power
A universe (it will die my dear)

This stillness reminds me
Oh, it's too late now
Things are moving on
You're close now
So much closer
The leaves are falling
The leaves are falling

Dead leaves they fall below me
The world that we know
It ends
It's end is near

The seed's conceived
Newborn shadows in the dark
Just remember it
Just remember it's

The secret bloom
The harvester of souls
Guardian of the Netherworld

Will you fulfill this last order, my dear?
The harvester's calling
A voice so severe

It will come down
It will come down

And there's no one left but me
There's no way I can bind you
Yes, there is no one left on the field
Yet, all the fools they still believe

We're running away
There's nothing to say
A cosmic revolution
They're driven insane
We're bleeding the same
That's heaven's evolution

They bleed, bleed, bleed
For the order
They follow their leader

They follow their leader
They follow their leader
They follow the final command

So bizarre
It is lifeless
We won't comprehend this sacred heartbeat
It's the source of all evil in man

No need to condemn this
It's how nature has planned it
Will we ever know?
Will we ever know?
Will we ever know?

No one believes
It won't matter anymore

I cannot recall
I cannot recall

The sacred light
Won't shine here anymore
Guardian of the Netherworld

If I went back
Ancient warrior
Would I believe
That we've failed the plan
We're all fooled the same

Go, where do you go?
Where do you go?
Cursed, we've been deceived

The winter king's crowned

War is coming to town
Most wondrous things revealed

Off the window falls (May 23rd, they will shiver)
A miracle indeed
We have to feed
Sacred defender
The angel of war

When the sun betrays
The mystic mind
The empire falls by the blink of an eye
A lie, and everyone dies
A lie, everybody must die

Dead eyes
Oh, dead eyes
They stare

They search for
The final frontier

Beyond the spheres
They lurk and wait

Nothing has changed ever since
Man has fallen from grace
They love to be damned
For sure there's no master plan

Do you understand
There will be no second chance
When will you learn?
When will you understand?
When will you know?

Now kill the king
Silver bullet on it's way
No, I don't regret
No, I don't regret

Your sacred eyes
They're closed forevermore
Guardian of the Netherworld

Just don't look back
And don't regret
What a fool you've been
A miracle

The golden king
The enemy

The harvester's coming
It all must end
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