Paroles de la chanson Lo & Behold par Black Yaya

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Paroles de la chanson Lo & Behold par Black Yaya

Out of the freeway and into a room
At the Redwood Motel
I drank myself to sleep and didn’t wake up til noon
With a head heavy as a bell
They say If A Frog Had Wings He Wouldn’t Bump His Ass A’Hoppin’
But I don’t even know where to go
You paint with words he writes in Images
And I just like to go with the flow
She was sadder than the Salton Sea
I said what we have baby never gets old
Lo & Behold
I drove her down to Cherry Valley
And then I went down on my knee

She took my hand and said sincerely
I’m truly sorry baby
Her hair was black as black can be
Her pin-sized waist a sight to see
She said I love you but I cannot think
In terms of eternity
You can take it or leave it I was born like this
I can never do what I’m told
Lo & Behold
Lo & Behold
One day I’ll drag my ragged self up to Ragged Point
And staring at the Pacific coast
I’ll remember the night when you and I were young
You were 25 almost
We walked we kissed and we smoked some tea
The new world was nothing but ours

Holding hands into the sea
At all ungodly hours
You were beautiful then and you’re sure beautiful now
With a heart of the purest gold
Lo & Behold
Lo & Behold
Lo & Behold
Lo & Behold
Lo & Behold
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