Paroles de la chanson Buffalo Tomato par Animal Collective

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Paroles de la chanson Buffalo Tomato par Animal Collective

Snow was enough
Let them eat it
Little thing that was a good remit
Oh, you're just a genial pomade faker
In the background was our perfect love
Don't be like the salary man, man, man, man

We are positive
Opposite of what I'm feeling
Hopefully I won't forget to breathe out there
Trust the people though I am not like them

For a second
Wouldn't you rethink, it's a futile type we're making
Took 'em around like he's hiding out

There is something I've done, done, I've done
I've done, done, I've done, I've done, done, done

I wish somebody can
Oh, there's only clear and blue
You aren't feeling better, either pink or blue
You want better, you want better, you want better
You want better, you want

I know what you're thinking
See, you call the others sometimes too
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweetheart, sweetheart
Sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart

Still glow
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