Paroles de la chanson Left Behind par Alin Coen Band

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Paroles de la chanson Left Behind par Alin Coen Band

I look at people's shoes
And see their feet walk by
I've given up on counting
Was left with a sigh

How many miles they walked
How many miles they'll go
If I was in their shoes
I still wouldn't know

I left a footprint on the shore
I had to leave what I adore
The ground has shown itself quite mellow
The sea is soft, the flags are yellow
I'm working on the trace
Out of the embrace

Some people walk straight lines
Their laces have been tied
Some people make good plans
They want to make things right

I'd surely like to be
A master of that art
With my bad orientation
That might turn out hard

I left a broken shell behind
I have to move so I can find
A coat to cover my skins bareness
A way to grow my minds awareness
Before I become
A little too numb

There are a few who look at what others do
They know which way is best
The best way for you
But still the choice is yours
You may do as they said
Can't blame somebody else
If that advice is bad

I look at people's shoes and see a few like mine
I wonder if they like the course of their own line
I look into some eyes and realise in fact
There are a few I like to whom I connect

I left the roots that were attached
To change them for a pair that matched
I have to make my own decisions
Want to live up to my visions
Before I become

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