Paroles de la chanson Radames Letter par Aida

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Paroles de la chanson Radames Letter par Aida

I'm sorry for everything I've said
And for anything I forgot to say too
When things get so complicated
I stumble at best muddle through
I wish that our lives could be simple
I don't want the world only you

Oh I wish I could tell you this face to face
But there's never the time never the place
So this letter will have to do
I love you....

(A crowd of NUBIANS circle AIDA. AIDA hides the letter in the bosom of her
dress as RADAMES moves back and disappears.)

Tomorrow Princess, you and your father will be free!

We will live to tell our grandchildren of the King's great escape!

Nubia will prevail! Quiet!

(Suddenly two GUARDS storm into the Nubian encampment. MEREB backs off while
others push AIDA back into the crowd. Protectively, the Nubians surround AIDA,
hiding her.)

We are here for Aida. Which one is she?

(Before AIDA can speak, a Nubian man clamps a hand over her mouth. More
NUBIANS block her from view. NEHEBKA steps forward.)

I am Aida!

(The guards drag NEHEBKA away. AIDA struggles to free herself. But the
Nubians hold her until the guards are gone.)

Forgive us, Princess. But you cannot be sacrificed. Every person here would
risk their life for Nubia.

(The NUBIANS begin a dance of anguish. AIDA is horrified, but she sees what
her role is to be. She stumbles away. MEREB follows her.)

Where are you going?

(She doesn't answer and she can't look at him.)

You're going to meet him, aren't you?

Mereb, I do not ask you to understand. I do not understand. I must meet him -


But I do. I have to see him -

(With the rage of the newly converted.)
No! No! You cannot give yourself to him. The Egyptians have taken enough from
us already. You are our Princess, our inspiration, our promise of a new day.

I'm sorry, Mereb.

(She runs off, MEREB watches her go.)

18. HOW I KNOW YOU (Reprise)

There is a time
there is a place
When love should conquer all
The rest of life is pushed aside
as truth and reason fall
But only if that selfishness
can lead to something good
I thought I knew you princess
But I never understood
I don't know you
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