Paroles de la chanson Wait In The Dark par Adam Wood

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Paroles de la chanson Wait In The Dark par Adam Wood

Wait In The Dark

There’s a light cross on the wall
And moon is shining through the rain
My room looks like a postcard
And journey never ends.
I keep standing at the window
Why do people walk so fast ?
Life seems to be easy when you stare at the ground.

Miss you Miss Shiny when you’re back to the North Country.
I’m lost in the city tell me where I can find some trees.
Miss you Miss Shiny don’t give up now you’re where you want to be.
Miss you Miss Shiny all the time you so far from me.

I’m sinking in the distress
And people always move so fast
I’m stuck in the moment I can’t bear the distance
And nothing makes me glad.
I’m alone with my magics
Plants and pills, remedies to speed up the time.

Your smell on my blanket, I love your fragrance
Your scarf in my pocket, some pieces of you.
And your absence just brings me down and I fall in disease.
I keep losing my way ‘cause you’re so many miles away
A void in my heart, that nothing can fill, my sadness is real
But I learnt to wait in the dark in my own side of time
And you will be back… dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)