Paroles de la chanson Off The Record par Tinchy Stryder

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Paroles de la chanson Off The Record par Tinchy Stryder

I’m Vegas, I’m calling
See a hundred and I’m all in
No cameras, no reporting
18 plus, warning
She’s an actress till the morning
Her Katy Perry’s awesome
She kissed a girl, I saw them
Tinch plus them plus you (foursome)
Dont care if I got a girl or not
Asking me to tie that knot
She ain’t talking no wedding ring
On a Poster Swing
Up and down, she’s a crazy ride
Jada’s face, Nicki’s thighs

My life is like a rollercoaster

Coming off the track spinning round and round
Yeah take a little look, get closer
But keep it off the record, dont expose me now (now, now, now…)
Dont expose me now (now, now, now…)

I'm Vegas
Im Calling
See a hundred and im all in
No Camera, no repoting
18 plus, warning
It’s showtime at casino
High rollers Al Pacino
Put the bet on, on the …
Two showgirls, …
Stand my hand and your money stops
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