Paroles de la chanson King Kut par The Prodigy

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Paroles de la chanson King Kut par The Prodigy

(Section 3)

Play it and scratch it
Play it and scratch it

King Kut, u know u wanna slice
Scratch is so nice u gotta hear it twice
King Kut, and it?s good to go
Scratchin? to the beat in stereo
DJ Cheese (and a little bit sore?)
Scratch up the beat and go off, go off

I?m not original, I?m predictable
And when I MC I?m powerful
In my own way i rock the mic
I got a style of my own,
Never have to fight

Cos I can rock any record
If u just let us
Me go off, I can do it better with
Jazz, solo, rock-and-roller
Scratchin? to the set or on a big solo

Cos I announce the time,
When it comes to rhyming (sing)
Lyrics like this, I?m a scientist
And if u want proof that we got juice,
Just check out the rhymes that we produce

We?re gonna take our talent to the extreme
Destroy this place like a mad machine
Cos we?re live, wise, organised
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