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Paroles de la chanson No Hook par NoCap

Damn Dior, this shit crazy

I'm the type gon' shine without the sun on me
I know niggas died with they gun on 'em
Tryna escape my past and get away from it
Still having dreams about the hood, I'm way in California
Know you wonder how life is, I wanted you right here, I figured I was wasting time
I got cubans on my neck and pointers in my ear, I thought that it would make you mine
But I been ballin' without you, I stayed true
Ain't speakin' to no opps, even if my name was Jesus
In jail ain't smoke, no paper route, I hop out with this K too
In Atlanta with them shooters, thought I told you I was brave too
Coupe ain't got no ceilings, but my niggas slide like Babe Ruth
Ain't gon' lie, I miss you, but I know that I can't save you
I can't even count on both my hands for how many times I forgave you, love
You see the pain all through my bracelet, love, yeah
Do two hundred in that Lamb', put that bitch on Broadway
Go to court, and they deny it, that shit come with heartache
A nigga real, they can't deny it, I care nothin' what the blogs say
Them youngins quick to take your route, they care nothin' 'bout no car bait
These niggas standin' on they lies, how the fuck they sleepin'?
Youngin got bodies on that blick, but he still keep it
Came out that dirt, came out that mud, I'm shinin' for a reason
I was blind, they never tried it, come up from the cement
Know they thought I'd be a bum, them foreign cars beepin'
If we was in a race to hatin', them niggas would've beat me
Industry know my flow is sick, but they can't find a treatment
Industry full of haters, would've told the doctors keep me
I feel like Kay Flock, it's designer murder when you see me
I sling that chopper in a outfit that I brought from Neiman's
I came from nothin', I spend four hundred on Versace beanies
I keep that nine all in the club, a Gilbert Arenas
Get low and laugh to the bank, I run with hyenas
Michelle Obama attitude but got ass like she Trina
My niggas hustlers, you wonderin' why is my team up?
Ain't have to give 'em shit, they find 'em a plug, and they re-up
Airport been on my ass, I had to start swipin' this Visa
Lil Shank keep slangin' iron, I'm thinkin' he thinkin' it's legal
E-V-I-L, turned it backwards, and I told my niggas to live
Dodged the grave, dodgin' a cell
Know if we go back, they gon' try keepin' us in there
Promethazine, it ain't good for my health
Waste a cup of lean, and I seen blood everywhere, yeah
I'm good at movin' smart, that's what I told my mama
Ayy, Forgiato tires, a nigga come from trauma
Them boys gon' walk up or run down, either one
When the police come, the only time that we'll run
I didn't never know that I would make it this far
But I was told that stars only shine when it's dark
As long as I'm on Earth, I'ma keep buyin' Audemars
Invested in some plain jane, all aboard
Next week, I pray the judge let a nigga out of court
But, I been ballin', I been ballin'
Cup up in my hand, mix the lean with the tears
Let 'em fall in, let 'em fall in
Mama told me God gon' handle all my opps
Told her I can't wait, I want 'em right now
I remember playin' at the park, we sendin' kites now
Wish Geno was sober, I'd have him with me right now
Told her that it ain't about no sex, like, what's on your mind?
So many people envy my success and hate my life now
Draco clip, it got a curl like Yung Joc, no perm
I just hope it do not go down
Dwellin' on problems, I hope my days get through
Ain't talkin' 'bout Biggie, I put my faith in you
The opps can only make me mad, they can't make me move (Damn Dior, this shit crazy)
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