Paroles de la chanson 5th Horseman par JMG

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Paroles de la chanson 5th Horseman par JMG

Lord, please forgive me
For my sins
I've been murdering people
To try to get me a win

I’ve been all in
Got this 44 I'm aiming it
Right at y'all motherfuckers’

I feel the sickening whistling through my body every minute
And synonym that I'm spitting and
Thinking of this fucking image

Of you, being compared to me
Carefully like a canary
Just weary and fucking flapping &
Carrying all this energy

Lord forgive me for all of
My demons
Lord forgive me for all of my
Sins (sins)

Lord please forgive me
Cuz I'm willing to kill someone just
To win (oooh)

I've been, in a, rut, just
Way too long now
If you, know what's, up

I've been, in a, rut, just
Way too long now
If you, know what's, up

I'm the origination
Y’all boys be incriminating
Discriminating and a little faded
And still be aiding

Each other in this shitting shit like hicks be hating city kids
Excuse me if I feel a little to arrogant now

Imma last longer than privileged kids
Smoking California Ish, and shit
Like “does California Mids Exist?”

Which I pick my fits and shit and flip the fucking script I’m emptying this clip and shit until it hits the click click

I'm burning it till the wick
Earning my fucking licks
Turning the other cheek
No nervousness starts to sit
Elliot’s looking sick
Oh this too pricey, shit
I'm not fronting like I'm rich
And I'm not a bitch

Making all this racket
I can’t sleep up in my casket
I, made you
You, are, not, in my ducking bracket aye

Close my eyes don't sleep
Eat sleep scream, and dream then repeat
This the type of shit you'd know if you were me
I'm boutta get this bread so when I leave (please leave a message at the beep)

I gain pain from raining grain on bitches
I'm going insane
My fucking Brain is thinking thoughts on vein (ugh)

Picking and shit it's the slick Rick sending
Sinking ships to the heaven man icky pricks for the hell of it

Hear the ring that's the bell and it
Imma sing like a reverent and
Flap my wings like a definite
Veteran left me I'm better than most of you fucking arrogants
Sorry if I am carrying every feature I'm tearing it (ugh, fuck)

I'm taking over, you think I'm high but I'm sober, I'm hijacking this fucker, cuz this shit is OVER! (AHH!)

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