Paroles de la chanson I'm in Love with a Thug par Jim Jones

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Paroles de la chanson I'm in Love with a Thug par Jim Jones

(Jim Jones)
Hello, oh' whats up baby,
Aint doing nothing im on my way home right now,
What?!? Im in tha studio
Yo i gotta get ready and go home man

(Woman Singing)
I'm in love...With a thug
I'm in love...With a Gangsta, Yeah

(Jim Jones)
Now my wife she won't stop blowin' my phone up
Every Bitch conversation they keep throwin' tha Jones up..(They Lyin)
It makes it hard im tryna show her Ive grown up
But deep down inside she know i will never give them ho's up

She talk marriage but ya boy froze up, cold feet
Man she know im in love wit' these cold streets
So im flowin' threw tha night, just left my bitch house
Im going home to my wife, as i live this double life

(Woman singing)
I'm in love....With a thug
I'm in love.....With a Gangsta, Yeah (X2)

(Jim Jones)
It started as a crush for years wishin' i could fuck her
Next thing i got caught up, she had me trippin' like im usher
Shit became fucked up cause we both became love-struck

I be out commitin' crimes, she be still up on my mind
Now im tryna shake it off, she still drippin' through tha brain
You know i fean for her like a hit of that Cocaine
She say my thug is like drugs and she need her a rehab
And she strung out over love when she see me see relapse

(Woman singing)
I'm in love....With a thug
I'm in love....With a Gangsta, yeah (x2)
No matter what, no one can judge me or tell me how i could feel
Lord knows this man, Is ryde or die, he keeps it so so real

Even if his pants hang low, or some times he'll even roc tha corn rows
Lord knows my everything, and i gotta GOTTA let'em LET'EM know

(Jim Jones)
Now that we argue every night, tha most horrible of fights
If i get caught cheatin', U gon' carve me wit' a knife
But let's take it back, when we use to party every night
I thought you of all people would know its hard to live my life
I say Im in tha studio, You say You wit' some groupie ho
We going back and forth, god dam, this aint a movie yo

I'm not tha one for complainin', be mentally drainin'
But some times just listen, its only one thing im sayin'.......I Love You

(Woman singing)
I'm in love....With a thug
I'm In love....With a Gangsta, Yeah (x2)
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