Paroles de la chanson Flow (Never Scared) par Chamillionaire

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Paroles de la chanson Flow (Never Scared) par Chamillionaire

Naw, they dont what to see cham come with the hand gun
and then hand one to the damn yung Ro, no, you probly want anotha chance huh. but eet wrong, how many boys can compet wit koppa, eet none,
if you look for a raw nigga like marilyn's last name im the man son
so atttion. chamilatary the major sayin then change the name to major payne
April 22nd ima drop and get the major's payne, think im playin
the underground is the resond they dont scan, maybe cause universal, sony and def jam dont jam
broham get with the program No scram, no time for the lip man, we dont get you in the street we get you in the club like a wristband. Gay Ray J, B2K, Puffy video dancin rangle wearen ass, still livin at home wit yo parent ass, niggas wat the you think you starin at. All my call, leave a message and hang up thugs, ok ok you got me, hang up the phone, dont press redial and i'll stop rappin today. and all my internet thugs want to kill me for slugs, a ok ok, dont right click on the trigga nigga im sorry put the mouse pad away, Pussies...Diamonds ridiculous, and finally we gettin this but never mind mine, keep ya mind on ya business, and my mind on my business while im grindin for benjamins and if my mis cant handle that then my mis is gettin this...we bout to appear aint gotta go home but get outta here, poof pow dissappear, the nigga they fear, Koopa the hardest rapper this year
Starin at my mouth like my teeth glowin, haters get a shot like we free throwin Ro, 50/50 and Lew, aint now wind but the tree blownin , mo gorillas then he knowin not the ones that jus be flowin, start from a hundred and count up, ill tell u when to stop nigga keep goin

Its Yung Ro rizzo close your mouth and pay attention, cut this up sit down slow daddy you need to listen
This one 1 here bout to switch the game, make all ya fans forget ya name
I get tha change, forget tha fame, shoot tha tat off ya chest and nick ya name. Griipin grain switchin lanes, hit the switch and drop then polish here you a bad bitch so i got to holla, me and rasaq posted up wit a flock of models. She gotta swalla call her lips and love, hold up boo cuz im fixin ta cum, im like sum she jus cant remember on the back of her mind and tha tip of her tongue. Bricks and tons, tons of bricks hittin licks so i mu-stash, ill put 2 slugs in yo mustache, and another bullet in yo mustard ass. Hit the button on tha dash and crack tha trunk, mark niggas get slapped and punched. im polo boots with tha strap on tha front, right on trigger hand left wrapped on tha blunt. Im tha r-i-z-o, chamillion, rasaq, and 50/50, me and cham get cash split 50/50. Im in tha back gettin high wit 50/50. Im yung ro, yung who? Niggaz know what yung do. Drop boys like kung-foo, if that dont work i got guns too. 1,2 - 3,4 Pj and ro x got me feelin crunk grey goose got my eyes closed, but at the same time feelin so throwed, thug niggaz say ro cold, purple stuff got me slow mo and my babygirl call me Ro-Ro. Oh no we done dun it again just to let u boys know who run it again. Mix tape slow down keep wreckin' til Volume 110, im on it again, wont stall, wont stop, wont flop, until yall boys open ya eyes and realize we on top

Its rasaq, niggaz not..ready to get their ribs rocked the block is hot like crisco oil, and so is tha clip when it pops. Hold up Ro make a pit stop, that chick has got to be miss rasaq, The way she say she miss rasaq , Ima haul miss off in a haulter top. Tha whip stop, i hop out, hope i dont pull them rocks out, cuz if i pull them rocks out, her eyes r goin ta pop out. Standin in place, sag at the waist, niggaz foul like a after taste, talkin trash get ya ass in a brace, and ill make sure ya lip overlap wit ya face. Catchin a case, Naw, we bout to catch big faces, and make niggaz quit tha game like pastor MA$E did. Shots fly past ya faces, ya have to hate it..the way i cum on the game like a masturbated.

50/50 love a bad boosie bitch, she keep in her purse my oozie clips, talkin aint the only way she loose her lip in tha back of tha car i bruise her hips. Get on the internet and choose my whips...Porsche SUV, car few can get, got plex put up ya dukes in here. Very boring sometimes Houston get. 50/50 twin on some future shit, block hotter than soup and shit. Got fendi, prada, plus gucci kits so gutter you cant scoop to this niggaz on tha porch shoot hoops to this, cap wit ya rolex dont loose ya wrist, feel shit cant get a pooper scooper bitch, 50/50 twin aint new to this. Whut! dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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