Paroles de la chanson Radio Interruption par Chamillionaire

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Paroles de la chanson Radio Interruption par Chamillionaire

[Chamillionaire + (Female)]
This for the streets (Nah this for the radio) [3X]
Well it's for radio then just keep it street (Well go and do it then!)

Nah that ain't a problem at all my man
Got a lot of rubber bands, time to count up all my grands
Well go and do it then - for the ninth caller in
Now we got a lot of jams, we gon' play a lot of Cham
Well go and do it then - she cant say she is not a fan
Tell me she ain't got a man, plus she got a lot of damn!
.. And she love how the Impala can
change a bunch of colors like you lookin at a hologram
.. She wanna ride off on 24's
Butterfly do's raise up, she feelin so..
special and she like my music better slow
Tell me that I'm fin' to blow, I reply to her "I know!"

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
So let me break it down and do somethin I know the ladies can feel
She say she's lovin my style
Turn on the radio and you probably hearin nothin but me
Chamillitary mayne
We interruptin this sound just to let you hear a message from me
I'm representin the South
And you know how we get down, know we gotta keep it gutter and street
(Go on do it then!)

I got a white girl, I call her Shady/Aftermath
Cause she love a rapper, see a nigga she gon' snatch him fast
Fine and you can't say that she don't have an ass
Plus her eyes green enough to even up and match my cash
Hispanic college girl that love to dance right after class
By the way she back that ass upper class she has to pass
The others that and black, take her to the bachelor pad
Crib big, yo man's crib is less than half of that

[Hook: manny fresh]
Call up the DJ's on your radio
They'll say chamillionaire got a crazy flow
My radio station doesn't play it though
Say he gotta make somethin for the ladies so


Relax boy, lax boy, revenge is the sound
I've made it here, america gon' have to feel me now
Hear that bass come rumblelin, boys see me acting up
Also see that fast **piumm piumm** when I pass him up
Turn it up, tell the listeners to listen here
Listenin here the sickest rapper in the Southern hempisphere
Yeah, keep it gutter, suckers missin in the picture yeah
We erased them from the game, commercial rappers disapear



Now they know the name that's running the game
Them boyz down in Houston that got the streets on lock
But just incase they slow and don't know
Somebody tell em the name
Chamillitary mayne
Ha ha
You got a problem? Then let it be known
You got something you wanna get off your chest
Give us a call, we're taking requests
(Go and do it then!) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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