Paroles de la chanson Love of mine par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson Love of mine par Awake

My life is what I said it is

Asleep like sedatives

So gone within the mentions list

Spit so venomous
Not resting till I ball

I fall into a mental fritz
Or all my friends find happiness

You weren't who I thought you were
Tales of love emerged
Don't understand why we dispersed

I'll just lay a verse
About how time has lied to me
The only time i've ever lived
Was killing me entirely

Through space and lines
You are my piece of mind
Within my dreams I find
That spark of light within your eyes

Back on 805 or taking in the scenery
Never could I express how much the fuck you mean to me

The love i had somehow diminished

But that don't mean that i am finished

The dream will continue on

I guess it's only me
Because now you are gone

I wanna skate but ill stay in today
It's clear outside but my mind is feeling drained away

All these thoughts got me stuck in a box

Why can't we talk

I've been meaning to get out

I can't
Stand why the fuck this happened

Too committed to my dream

Boy all I do is rapping

Always up all night
Writing pages of songs

Till the breaking of dawn
All I wanted was to live my life happily

But all a sudden strikes tragedy
You're out of this world
I'm out of my sanity

You promised forever

But I guess it was a fantasy
Dream I endeavored
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