Paroles de la chanson Progress par Sparks

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Paroles de la chanson Progress par Sparks

When the sun goes down and it's a brand new night
New ways of standing out are tried and tried
Bigger and bigger is your appetite
A sense of progress is in the air
I'm an all new design
With an all synthetic spine
I'm a new shade of pink
Get me wet and I won't shrink

You're so young, so alive
You're so 1985
I'm a scratch-free design
Want to try me, I don't mind
I know my heart can't be broken
I know my will, will not crack
I know my dreams are atomic
And I can take any flack
I know it's progress

When the sun goes up and it's a brand new day
Words are invented to describe the way
Colors you never saw before appear
A sense of progress is in the air

I got a new, tougher skin
Got a whiter, brighter grin
And I think you're so sweet
Yeah, you knock me off my feet
But I bounce back, oo-wee
Got a lifetime guarantee

And I love your design
Such a deep long lasting shine
I know it's progress

You're a taste-tempting treat
Preparation, just reheat
Want to test drive for free
You got a great anatomy
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