Paroles de la chanson I Admit It (I Did It), Pt. 2 par R. Kelly

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Paroles de la chanson I Admit It (I Did It), Pt. 2 par R. Kelly

I admit I admit, I'm a freak (Freak)
Used to go to strip clubs every week
But who these niggas tryna say I am?
Man I'm loud and I put that on chief
I admit I fuck with all the ladies (Ladies)
That's both older and young ladies (Yeah)
But tell me how they call it "pedophile" because of that
Shit, that's crazy (Crazy)
You may have your opinions (Opinions)
Entitled to your opinions (Opinions)
But really, am I supposed to go to jail
Or lose my career because of your opinion?
Yeah, go ahead and stone me (Stone me)
Point your finger at me (Yeah, yeah)
Turn the world against me (Against me)
But only God can mute me (Mute me)
I admit that I fired some people (People)
I admit that I hired new people (Yeah)
I admit that those people I fired (Yeah, yeah)
On my mama, was crooked ass people (People)
I admit that I don't own my music (I)
I admit that I wrote all my music (Yeah)
Want it back but they don't wanna do it (Don't wanna)
What the fuck, nigga? I wrote that music (I)
I did that "Bump and Grind," I did that "12 Play"
I did that "Fed Up," I changed the damn game
So I deserve me a fair play (Fair)
So put some respect on my damn name
Now Wendy Williams mad with me? (Williams)
But I ain't never offered her no drink (No drink)
But I admit that she asked me, "Can I get a little Hennessy?" (Yeah)
We both turned off our phones (Our phones)
We drink, I smoked, we talked (We talked)
And I admit that I told it all (It all)
From my good points to my faults (Faults)
She said, "What about Aaliyah?"
I said, "Love"
She said, "What about the tape?"
I said, "Hush"
I said my lawyer said, "Don't say nothing'"
But I can tell you I've been set up (Up)
I admit it, however, since the first day (First day)
That without knowin', I signed my publishin' away (Away)
I admit it, I was young and caught up and so blind, yeah (So blind)
Said I had dyslexia, couldn't read all the contracts, yeah
And now the truth in this message (Message)
Is I'm a broke ass legend (Legend)
The only reason I stay on tour (On tour)
Is 'cause I gotta pay my rent (My)
I never thought that it would come to this (No)
To be the most disrespected artist (Come)
So I had to write a song about this (Song)
'Cause they always take my words and twist it
Believe me, it's hard to admit all this (Oh, oh)
But I'm in my feelings about this shit (Yeah, yeah)
But I had to set the fuckin' record straight, so (Yeah, yeah)

I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did, did it

I admit it, I love Steve Harvey
John Legend, and Tom Joyner
They're doing good in their lives right now
Why would they wanna tear down another brother? (Tear down)
Women show black men some love (Yeah)
'Cause black men, we go through enough (Oh)
How can we get up off the ground (How)
When we steady tearin' each other down? (Oh)
I admit that the devil is busy (Busy, yeah)
Had some people beside me ain't with me (With me, yeah)
I admit that I'm gon' do this music
Up until the Lord come and get me (Real talk)
Now, I admit a family member touched me
(Touched me, touched me, touched me)
From a child to the age 14 (Yeah)
While I laid asleep (Sleep), took my virginity (Yeah)
So scared to say something, so I just put the blame on me
Now here I am, and I'm tryin' my best to be honest (Honest)
'Cause the sources out there tryna keep me from bein' an artist
I admit I'm at rock bottom (Oh-oh)
And this shit has rocked my mind (My mind)
I'm callin' on my hood (My hood)
Come walk by my side (Oh)
They don't want me to shine (Shine)
Women's group, my God (God)
Now don't get it twisted, I do support 'em
But why they wanna bring down the R? (Why?)
Damn, this is breaking my heart (My heart)
'Cause from fathers, mothers (Yeah), sons, and daughters (Yeah)
I'm a part of the music culture (Oh, oh)
Spotify took me off they playlist (Playlist)
I admit that I been underrated ('Rated)
I'm not convicted (Nope), not arrested (No)
But dragged my name (Yeah) in the dirt (Yeah)
All this work to be successful (Yeah, oh)
When you abandon me 'cause of what you heard (Yeah, heard)
I admit I am not perfect (Perfect)
I never said I was perfect (Perfect)
Say I'm abusing these women (What?)
What the fuck? That's some absurd shit (What?)
They're brainwashed, really? (Really)
Kidnapped, really? (Really)
Can't eat, really? (Really)
Real talk, that shit sound silly (Yeah)
And if you really, really wanna know (Know)
Her father dropped her off at my show (Show)
And told this boy to put her on the stage (Yeah)
I admit that she was over-age (Age)
I admit that I was feelin' her
And I admit that she was feelin' me (She was feelin' me)
I admit that that's just some shit that comes with being a celebrity (Celebrity)
I ain't chasing these ladies, no (No, no)
These ladies are chasing me, yeah (Chasing me)
Now I'm only saying all this shit (Yeah)
'Cause how they tryna play me, yeah (Oh)
I admit that this is no disrespect to the parents (No disrespect)
But this is my advice to you 'cause I'm also a parent (Parent)
Don't push your daughter in my face (My face)
And tell me that it's okay (Okay)
'Cause your agenda is to get paid (Yeah)
And get mad when it don't go your way (Go way)
I know y'all look at me like I don't go through things, but I'm human (Human)
I know it's hard sometimes, but try to keep in mind that I'm human (Human)
Fuck all the fortune and fame, forget the name, I'm a human (Human)
I can't believe all the under-the-table shit they doin' (They doin')
I'm tired of fingers pointed at me (At me)
I'm tired of all this weight on me (On me)
I'm tired of everybody wanting a piece of me (Yeah)
Shit, I'm not an ATM machine (No, hey)
What do I do when I can't do what I do? (What)
How can I win, if I can't win with truth? (Oh)
Got a couple of dead homies that I promised I would make it out this shit (Sorry)
And I know that God's hand is on me nigga
I'm gonna make it out this shit (We are)
No weapon formed against me (Amen)
Shall prosper (Amen)
Not claiming either (Amen)
That the storm is over (Amen)
I admit I talked to Ms. McGlenn (Yeah)
FYI, that's my second mother (Mama)
I admit that I asked her, "How am I gonna get the world off my shoulder?" (Oh)
She said, "Son, don't you lose it (Lose it)
Sometimes, you gotta go through it (Through it)
They can say what they say, but at the end of the day
They cannot deny your music (Oh, Woah)
'Cause your music (Yeah) has touched people (Yeah)
It inspired (Yeah) all people (Yeah)
Overseas (Yeah), everywhere (Yeah)
Don't worry, don't care (Care)
'Cause the anointed (Yeah) is on you (On you)
And that's why these haters are at you (At you)
So just keep on doing you, baby (Yeah)
You don't have to give these fools an explanation" (Yeah, oh)

I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
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