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Paroles de la chanson In A Minute par Meek Mill

(Damn, Kai, you goin' crazy)

Shit is crazy, when I look at my sons, I see a God
Can't complain when my niggas ain't livin' and we alive
Charlie thought I would make it without him, nigga's surprised
At the Grammys lookin' down from the stage, right in his eyes
I told Chino he should stay out them trenches, but, he decided
To play them corners, I check up on him 'cause we gon' ride
Slidin' around in a brand new Phantom with three .45s
Two F&Ns, a small percentage that we gon' die
This bulletproof forever, my mom sleep better
So, she don't cry
This shit we smoke make my mind think better
So, we get high
I'm never puttin' these thots on my girl level
So, she ain't mine
And if a thottie ever told you I love her
Then, she a lie
'Member I was tellin' niggas, "Stack that paper, fuck gettin' fly"
'Member I was tellin' niggas, "Come get these millions, fuck gettin' by"
Now, my homies gettin' clutch on each other, it's gettin' ???
Now, my homies ain't even trustin' each other, I swear to God
Black and jews protect my freedom 'cause I'm rich like that
Bulletproof, I'm in the trenches, 'cause it gets like that
I had to cut them thotties off, I said, "I gets right back"
Soon as my dawg went in her DM, that bitch hit right back, facts
I never wanted to be this rich, quarantine, I got three hundred all on my wrist, yeah
Quarantine, I'm mixin' noodles up with the fish, yeah
And only thing you can say I failed was a piss test
Diamonds shine like the Holy Grail, and all my shit wet
And all of these niggas know me well
Ho, wait, no bitch pressed
Ho try fuck my whole shit up 'cause that bitch pressed
She downgraded and I upgraded to big jet
Told 'em when they booked my jet, I need two stewardess
They know what I'm spendin' on them things, say how's you doin' this?
50k take off today, these prices ludicrous
I could've bought two chains with that, don't know where my future is
My shit WHAM like Baby out here
My older knew his shit, got to keep a gunner with twenty-one shots
Duck down and shoot some shit
Free my slimes, free my opps
I rep' that 18 in baguettes 'cause that's my truest block
And I can't trust you, I can't tell you tell the truth or not
I been too busy freein' these jails, ain't been in the booth a lot
They gave my dawg life in the cell, he got to do ???
He say he pray five times a day, and I'm gon' scoop him out
Watch me
Richard on my wrist cost a new Bugatti
All these billionaires around me, it feel like the 'lluminati
Bad bitch, that pussy wet, I'm slippin', I could sue somebody
I can't bring my shooters 'round me, yeah, they be tryna shoot somebody
Yeah, I see your, "R.I.P." on the 'Gram, but, what you do about it?
Let them niggas line your mans and you had knew about it
And when it come to holdin' that water, I'm turnin' blue about it
Get some money and then they problems, they come to you about it
Red light, catch a nigga at that red light
Go crazy on this window with that glizzy with that flashlight
For times that got dark, shit I went through in my past life
And this bitch still goin' hard like I ain't make five million last night
And I ain't talkin' 'bout other finesse, I'm talkin' 'bout my deal
And it's crazy 'cause I done investments to clear out all my bills
I get lazy, I let my cash work for my cash, I want to chill
My four pockets still be filled, and I got ties ??? for real
I'll be back in a minute
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