Paroles de la chanson Paper Birds par Meek DeMeo

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Paroles de la chanson Paper Birds par Meek DeMeo

In don’t have time to die
Hanging to this streets

This it’s part of that
My memories …,
All I care ’bout it’s my son
I dream at the ..
I chose this …like antbody knows
To many buids…with city got the …
You always thought to forgive, never forgive a thing
I bet you love me in this night even if the …
..all night..I need you mercy, I need your mercy
Watch me…, more as I …
I new you never believed, ooh
Take every fuck about the pressure
I made a …
And know I’m on a
Every fill ….answer ..and fall with words and…
Please, please I need your mercy, mercy
Let’s talk about the streets fights, we like it and never lost it
This gun ..drop bying…when no stucking
That shit talking, pissed off cause we pissed ..
My posibillity to see it’s a war
What you living for?
A couple stoling cause.., white theeth,.., red blonds

Yeah I wanna fuck,.., she took my .. of fire
Open up my mouth ..with sharps dick

She said she must be wiped ,I said impress my mamma wasn’t good
Then it’s started …melodies,…gun smoke.., in the air
And murder was the case
And everytime she was wake she said another road
Her name it’s … and she need a place to stay
Instead she can live in my heart, she play my soul safe Amin dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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