Paroles de la chanson Grand Canyon par Little Hurricane

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Paroles de la chanson Grand Canyon par Little Hurricane

Sunday I walked to church
I bowed my head
I wasn't praying, but I should be, instead I was
Reading that book of psalms and the
Words it said
I looked up, that preacher man was
Looking my way
You know I walk in this church just for you
Yeah you

Tuesday you were impressed by the devil in the news
His suit stripes red, and the stars on blue, he was
Jumping that bike across the River Grande
Broke every record we got in this land, you know I'd
Jump the Grant Canyon for you
Yeah you
It's true

We spend the day across the border to the South
Some hombre grabbed your arm, starts running his mouth
You know I had no pesos
Nothing to trade for your life
I looked up that crazy man was holding a knife, you know I
Might die in Mexico for you
Yeah you
It's true

All my money, it
Goes on down the drain
All my problems are
Driving me insane
You can't tell me how
How to live my life
I could hold you close
Every day and night

All I really need is you

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