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Paroles de la chanson D4RK SIDE par Ekoh

Yeah, I got a heart that's workin' part time
And got a–infatuation with the dark side
These dudes, they don't really want it
They just talk like they do–
'Til I get the mic and let the bars fly

Now I, I'm dead inside but I polished the exterior (Ah)
Ain't no competition, bow down to your superior (Bow down)
Know they call me emo but I'm evil, young, and ferior (Yuh)
I Kylo Ren the Benz with the black and red interior (Uh)
See, I've been coppin' pennies (Coppin')
Over the years and made a name and now I'm droppin' Benji's (Droppin')
I got the knowledge, plus the skill and plus I'm fuckin' petty (Fuckin' petty)
She left the smell of sweat and spit, I gotta swap the bedsheet (Swap the bedsheet)
Already everybody talkin', I pay on the mic
Yeah I just do the Nyjah Huston, I stay on the grind
I never see you 'cause I do not like lookin' behind (No)
You'll always be number two until I quit or I die
My mind on another level, they wishin' that I would go away
These rappers hate then copy me, lookin' like you my protege
Then spittin' out your garbage, recycle, repackage, all the same
And I could body most of these modern acts with my throwaways
I paid dues, double that, facts, tax twice
I break rules that been made to keep me down, I–
Don't think that you'll be here for long, you should pack light
And if I made it and you didn't, homie, that's life
Uh, I like to flex to show the skill, uh
Sometimes but if I'm honest, that ain't real, uh
There's more sides than when I fall off the path
Fuck the bars, gotta say how I feel
Like I'm dying here man, fuck these vibes
Ayo, bring the real shit in, let's go

And yeah I know all these people gon' try to break me down
Left me for dead but I'v rebuilt so many times
And now I've grown accustomed
Not even mad when people break the trust
You want a human, homie?
I cannot blame you for how I wanted things to turn out
Yeah, I'm feeling burnt out
Donnie told me don't forget this 'cause youve been on fire
Keep entire, spinnin' higher
Yeah I'm wired differently than most people
Seekin' out the ones who understand their own evils (Their own evils)
'Cause I've been sleepin' with that enemy like every night
And if you think your head is fucked, it's 'cause you've never been in mine
I need the lines, I write the way a junkie need a bump
Without the shit for long enough, I'm questionin' if I should jump
Off of the stratosphere with no parachute
I'm sorry, baby, hope my dream doesn't embarrass you
Just know I cherish you and all the quiet moments most
And that's the shit I'm thinkin' 'bout when life has got me on the ropes
Our local legends still a national joke
Tryna make this bread all after all these bridges 'round me burnt to toast
Chokin' on these aspirations for a better placement
In the race against the clock and labels with their obligations
With an occupation rocked with heavy complications
When you don't have most your friends who're also possible replacements
Tryna find time to get me in the right mind
But I cannot relax if there ain't nothin' in the pipeline
Just give me a lifeline, a type beat to write to
And I'm bound to figure all this out, but know I'll probably die tryin' (Die tryin')
Yeah, I got an identity that's all tragic
Chasin' dreams, playin', ridin' in some traffic, uh
And if it's real then you don't have to mask it
But everyday is Halloween 'round here and everybody cappin'
Started rappin' just to get into my own head
And now the only time I'm not in there is when I dont, yeah
So obsessive when you put your work in all these songs
And that addiction, all consuming
Got me doing shit I said I'd never do and justifyin'
Now I'm usin' sex and work and social media to distract me from all the spite I'm brewin'
Yeah, my whole blood lines embarrassing
Anxiety and addiction family inheritance
I used to bitch 'bout how unfair it is
I couldn't see how fortunate I am if I would just take care of it (Uh)
And while I'm thinkin' 'bout myself
I got some friends who fake a smile and then they kill themselves
I got some friends who make decisions instead of makin' calls
I got some friends who moved from cocaine to fentanyl
I got some loved ones who still ain't got it figured out
And I ain't got it figured out either
The fuck you talkin' 'bout? (Talkin' 'bout)
I ain't tryna preach (Tryna preach), hell nah
I'm tryna show you that this road is not unusual
This detour that I've been on ain't different–
Than anything that you've been through, just listen
Remove the ego causing our division
And you'll see the beauty in your own condition, right

Yeah, I got a heart that's workin' part time
And got a–infatuation with the dark side
The truth, they don't really want it
They just talk like they do
But know bein' real is a hard life
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