Paroles de la chanson Rap God 2 par Dax

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Paroles de la chanson Rap God 2 par Dax

Highest in the room
I’m so fly like I’m riding on a broom
I’m so fire even niggas on space can attest when I rap they can see my fumes
My shit boom
This beat food watch a nigga eat like I’m rapping with a spoon
I can’t lose
3 years in but I rap like I started way back in the womb
I don’t pay to play
Getting paid is my day to day
Whippin up like it's Mayonnaisse
Straight yoked like a pair of eggs
No gas you a Tesla aye
Best out that’s paraphrase
Strapped up like I’m Sarah J
On top like some tresume
Oh la la
My shit finna kill, call a coroner
Like 9am they’ll be morning ya
Ain't it funny how them niggas was ignoring us
Now they wanna take shots when I'm pouring up
I just got head from a foreigner
Made my kids dissapear like socerer
You don’t want war wit a warrior
Take your ass back to the back of the corridor
I don’t got time to hate, I always learn from my mistakes
They talk a lot of shit but wouldn’t say it to my face
I get down on my knees and pray 5 to 10 times a day
And ask that all this music shit don’t take my fucking soul away
Deep end I’m diving off
Bill gates you Microsoft
They think I got a clone I'm always going twice as hard
Twice the bars
Half the clout but fuck it I’m still twice the star
Rich as fuck but still be riding round inside my beat up car
Niggas tryna milk my fame they lactose
Snap a nigga whole career like thanos
Can’t throw shade I'm not no shadow
Black Rap God wit a fucked up afro
Put me on LUPÉ like Fiasco
Niggas getting smoked just like tobacco
I got the sauce just like Tabasco
Painting picture just like picasso
I been on the road for the past 5 months and the past 5 goddamn days
Sould out shows with the fam gettin' lit
Taking pics east, west, north, south, every state
I wear a tank top and rip it every time I’m on that goddamn stage
I need to get sponsored by that brand, where the fuck you at?Everybody tag Hanes
Put me in the league with the top guys
Punch lines got chicken like Popeyes
Throw a jab I counter like clockwise
You couldn’t cross me if cross eyed
Can’t catch my bars 'cause you offsides
Call a nigga .com 'cause it’s on site
I don’t need y'all's help like you ballside
My wrist on froze it got frost bite
They act like they hate me
In person they praise me
I won’t get deflated my name ain't Tom Brady
You cannot replace me or break me or shake me
It took to much work just to make me, I made me
This shits is warm up
I freestyled this shit on the tour bus
I be making these hits with the bars and they don’t even need to be having a Chorus
This industry cannot ignore us
It's Dax
I been spitting these facts
Sleep if you want you’ll get woke by the wave I'mma make try to swim and then drown and go back

This shit just the warm up baby
I got something to lob nigga in this come (Facts)
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