Paroles de la chanson Reason par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson Reason par Awake

Pessimistic when the weathers shit
No wings in this heaven clique
Empty clips
Unloading in the winter mist
Bitterness surrounded the town
And sounded militants

I found dimensions in the warmth of your arms
These scorches and scars
Has left me in a forest so dark
You're breaking my heart

Space and time is tearing apart
Your smile is art

My darlings eyes of stars are so far

I've fallen again
Wishing i could flash back to the days when you were happily here

Now the tragedies clear
In reality i panic miss my family
Tears come to my eyes
When i remember
I ain't actually here

The past is my fear
I steer off the road goin 180

And i'm fucking going crazy
Cuz i really miss my baby

It's really hard to find a fuckin reason to survive

But what comes to mind
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