Paroles de la chanson 1400/999 Freestyle 2/Matt Hardy par Trippie Redd

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Paroles de la chanson 1400/999 Freestyle 2/Matt Hardy par Trippie Redd

[ Trippie Redd]
Pop his head like a pothole
Sippin Moscato
Pull up with a bunch of models
Beat yo ass, beat yo ass
Tae kwon do
Like a light, like a light
Bitch I shine, hoe
I'm getting bread, but you will not get a dime, hoe
Yeah, side bitch with some micro
Balls deep in that bitch, ball like Michael

[Juice WRLD]
And we hate niggas, do that the same day
Pull up in the all grey, black mustang
In the streets, I was hustling
Run up on me, gun busting
That's your best friend, That's my main thing
Tity boi, 2 Chainz, uh
Guess they made me pretty boy, new stains, uh
Pouring percs up in my cup no purple rain
I'm throwing bands, I'm throwing hands, and I ain't throwing shade

[Trippie Redd]
Jumping, hide the backpain
But that's your boo thang
Yeah, take a pic, they on my dick
Uh, on my bitch, while I take a shit
Hit or miss, sing to that bitch like KISS

[ Juice WRLD]
Oh that's your bitch
R. Kelly, I may just piss on her
I'm in a Rari, you made me mad mad
I may shoot up your party
She may be bad, but she fake, she a Barbie
She still wanna ride me like a fucking Harley
Ask me in Aloha, go to fucking Harby

[ Trippie Redd]
Jumping on that tightrope in that bitch like Matt Hardy
How the fuck your pussy ass in here, it's gangsta party
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