Paroles de la chanson 8702 par Tobi Lou

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Paroles de la chanson 8702 par Tobi Lou

Hey tobi, what's this?
Peace up

I don't even know if I'm fucked up right now
I'm just feelin' my shit
Dre said, "How the party goin'?"
Didn't even start it, but it's already lit
Ran into my ex, she said, "Hey, how you been?"
But I don't like to reminisce
Everything I took ten minutes ago just hit, so...
I'ma need a little bit
I was doin' my dance 'til someone grabbed my hand like, "No, babe
Do it, do it like this"
So I threw it in reverse, tried a little swerve
Okay, I think I get the gist
Left hand up, right hand down, stick shift (Yeah)
Then I hit it in the whip
Proud of myself 'cause I did just what I did
Hit that bitch once, then I hit that shit again
Ho, don't try me
'Cause I'm really with the shits

Ooh, then

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